Terms Of Service


Deposit or down payments may be reapplied at no additional cost with complementary rescheduling of charter departure time or date if hazardous weather conditions exist at time of charter. 

Cancellation Policies

All payments made, with exception to catering, are refundable if written notice, email is acceptable, to cancel is given within 48 hours of departure time. Refund is subject to a merchant processing and administrative fee of 10% of amount paid. If reservation is cancelled less than 48 hours from departure time, deposit payments are nonrefundable with exception to day charter hazardous weather and below listed cancellable conditions. If canceled less than 24hrs from your charter departure time, total charter fee will be charged and is non refundable unless day charter hazardous weather or below listed cancellable conditions exist at time of departure. Charter modifications or changes to reservations may be requested by charterer if more than 48 hours from departure time. All charter modifications, requests and changes must be approved by charter management, charter crew are not authorized to make changes to charter itinerary. Catering payments must be made in full and are non-refundable.

All deposits and or down payments paid to reserve yacht charters or water sport add-on packages are applied to administrative tasks, the reservation of your yacht, crew and activities. Your deposit removes yacht from inventory and prevents it from being booked by other clientele. All deposits and or down payments are non refundable with exception to day charter hazardous weather, cancellable conditions or 48 hour written notice. If charter is cancelled less than 24 hours from departure time, or charterer is a no show, charterer will be charged the full amount of charter with exception to the following conditions:

Payment Policies

The credit card or debit on file used for placing your initial deposit is used to furnish payment for your final balance 24hrs prior to your departure. If no active card is on file for your reservation, charters can be forfeited for failure to administer payment 24 hrs prior to departure.

You must bring the active card used to furnish payment as well as your matching ID for verification by staff the day of your charter upon boarding your charter vessel.

Day Charter Hazardous Weather Conditions (multi day charters not included):

  1. Hazardous weather conditions must exist at time of departure.

  2. Storms falling into the categories of all the below conditions that have their epicenter passing within 5 miles of Miami.

  • Named storms effecting Miami local inland waters.

  • Storms that are labeled "hazardous" and forecasted to last more than 4 hours in duration effecting Miami local inland waters.

  • Craft advisories issued for Miami local inland waters with winds exceeding 30 mph and or wave swells beyond 3 feet in height.

Other Cancellable Conditions

  • "Unforeseen circumstances" (i.e. death in immediate family, hospitalization). Medical proof via certificate or doctors report is required for return of deposit.

Non Cancellable Conditions:

Scattered showers, overcast conditions or a forecasted "chance of rain" are not considered cancellable weather conditions. News stories or media coverage that highlight a current event or sensationalize local developments with weather, tourism risks, medical risks, or other travel related "warnings" that are not official state or federal restrictions to travel are not considered cancellable conditions.

Refund Processing Fees:

In the event that day charter hazardous weather conditions exist and rescheduling is not a possibility, deposit or downpayment will be returned minus the merchant processing and administrative fee of 10% of amount paid.