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This $5 million dollar, 111-foot, 400-passenger vessel features a 45-foot beam and 8-foot ceilings. With its catamaran designed twin hulls, it offers the most stable and comfortable cruising experience on Biscayne Bay. The vessel's 45-foot beam and 8-foot ceilings maximize its ultra-modern interior and exterior spaces to provide three grand decks guaranteed to meet your most demanding party needs.

This luxury liner is an ideal venue to hold a multifaceted event. It's interior lighting can be dimmed to create the perfect evening cocktail party. The yacht's stereo system has the ability to play three different music settings on each of the three levels. The first level can be set on salsa music while the lounge can be playing reggae for the mellower crowd and the top deck can be blaring '70s disco music while the yacht skims along Biscayne Bay.

The sky deck is the most popular area on our vessel, and with good reason. Boasting a nearly unobstructed 360-degree panoramic view of the surrounding environment, passengers are delighted by the open air, clear skies, and the scenic vistas along the South Florida coastline. The ever-changing view from this top deck is truly spectacular as our the yacht winds its way along emerald waterways.

It's three conveniently located bars make it unlikely you'll ever have to wait for a drink. There are two main bars on the first level and one bar on the lounge level for easy access. In addition, there are three staircases between each floor to facilitate the flow of traffic during our larger charters.

For dining, nothing is set in stone. You can custom layout any event. A million options are available. Whether you desire food stations or a sit down dinner, you'll enjoy the views from every spot in the dining room.


  • 111' Austal manufactured luxury yacht

  • Accommodates up to 400 passengers

  • State-of-the-art audio/visual equipment

  • State-of-the-art marine technology

  • 45' beam and 8' ceilings

  • Catamaran-designed twin hulls

  • 3 grand decks

  • Modern interior/exterior

  • Boasts the most stable & comfortable cruising experience

What an amazing day. We had friends come together from all around the world and we chartered for a 6 hour cruise. We had such a great time.
— Victor M. "Yelp"